Why Should You Use Filtered Water To Make Coffee?

Why Should You Use Filtered Water To Make Coffee?

Second to oxygen, coffee has obtained the level of a fundamental necessity in our lives, the first thought of which we wake up to. It boosts up the day of a human night owl and keeps him going through his everyday tasks with great fervor.

Most people choose to stay much selective about the taste of their routine coffee and many struggle to develop a specific miracle recipe suitable for them. The most common approach in deciding upon a coffee blend is to go for diverse categories of coffee beans. But what really differentiates your cocoa is its major constituent, and that is maybe the last thing on your list in this regard; water.

In general, a cup of coffee contains 95% water and just a tiny bit of the actual element. So the major ingredient should be brought into focus.

Chemically, water is a solvent and it has the ability to dissolve coffee beans in it. It is the water that binds with the caffeine and brings out its flavor. Whatever type of expensive beans you choose, water is the one controlling how they interact with each other and a perfect blend can be formed by the application of awesome water filters.

Better Quality Water

So, the quality of water you use for coffee should fulfill certain standards. It should have a balanced amount of minerals, chemical softness, and the appropriate pH. This will enhance the taste of the beans and bring out their actual smack.

Tap Water and Disadvantages

The major problem faced with using tap water for coffee making is that it contains an imbalance in amounts of certain minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium. Too much calcium in water can clog your brewing machine and cause it to malfunction.

Also, tap water is contaminated with dust and dirt, depending on the area you live in. Chlorine, also found in tap water, gives it an unpleasant tang that is the major cause of poor taste.

Water Types

There are two types of water that you come across while choosing better quality water; hard water and soft water.

Hard water is a reservoir of important and heavy minerals such as Magnesium. These can stick strongly with the grind and create a strong shot.

The latter has abundant Sodium and provides a poor combination, producing not an ideal brewed mug.

So if you are looking for the best water for your caffeine, the choice should neither be hard water nor too soft. Both can lead to low-quality production and unsatisfactory consequences. It should be the one that is moderate and balanced because that is the key to remarkable results.

Efficient Water Filters

Whereas, if you use awesome water filters, you can save yourself and your coffee machine from such havoc. It will filter excess minerals and dirt particles out to maintain the highest quality. Calcium will not be able to accumulate in your machine and you will be provided with chlorine-free water.

After you have sorted out the best quality water, you can use any kind of beans you prefer and make the ideal blend for yourself to enjoy.

Perfect Coffee Blend

In this way, awesome water filters assist you in making the perfect blend to survive the day. Now you can confidently brew all sorts of beans by choosing the right water for flavor enhancement.