Whole House Water Filtration


When it comes to filtering tap water, there is mainly two avenues that you can follow, Install a single P.O.U (point of use - Under sink filter/benchtop filter), or install a P.O.E (point of entry - Whole House Water Filtration System).
Both types of filtration systems produce quality filtered tap water, but point of entry filtration systems (P.O.E - Whole House) deliver fresh filtered tap water to every water outlet throughout your entire home, were as a point of use filtration system (P.O.U - under sink/bench top) only provide filtered tap water to generally one tap/outlet.
Awesome Filtration™ - Whole House Water Filtration Systems are convenient, cost-effective, and they ensure that no matter what tap you turn on in your house or business, you get the same high quality filtered tap water.
 Whole house water filtration
Why & When you would need to install a Whole House Filtration System ??
For the most part, your daily filtered water consumption needs can be met by a bench top water filter system or an under sink water filter system
For cooking, drinking, washing dishes, and other kitchen activities point-of-use filters are usually enough. The problem appears when you want to have filtered water in other parts of your home as well.
Let’s say you live in a large house with two or more bathrooms, and you want to have filtered tap water in both. Point-of-use filters installed in your kitchen won’t be able to meet this demand. Only a Whole House Water Filtration System will be able to deliver filtered water to every water outlet in your home or business.
Here’s when you should opt for a Whole House Water Filtration System rather than a benchtop or under sink water filtration system:
  • Your filtered water consumption needs extend beyond drinking and cooking.
  • You live in a large home with multiple baths and a higher than average water consumption.
  • You want a multi-stage water filter system so you can target multiple contaminants at once.
Awesome Filtration™ Whole House Water Filtration Systems are great at removing sediments, chlorine, taste and odour issues, and other tap water contaminants/toxins. These Awesome Filtration™ Whole House Filtration units are multi-stage filters with a high filtered water output, and robust filter cartridges built for durability and high usage.


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