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Awesome 20" Triple WOH Filtration - Town Water

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Designed for customers who want to eliminate the chlorine taste and other nasty chemicals from all water entering their house.

The triple 20" Whole of House system is designed for people who are serious about reducing the amount of chlorine from their water supply. They are fitted with a sediment filter and dual carbon filters. The sediment filter removes dirt, rust and sediment deposits. In addition to improving taste, the Carbon filter captures bacteria and removes chlorine, chlorine by-products (trihalomethanes) and odour from mains water



  • Enjoy filtered water throughout your entire home!
  • Cleaner and safer water.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Better tasting and smelling water.
  • Less skin irritation from the chlorine in your shower or bathwater.
  • Your sheets and clothing will be softer! Chlorine will no longer be embedded in the fibres.

Filter One:

50-20 Micron Polyspun Filter that removes dirt, rust and sediment deposits, it also helps to prevent blockages

Filter Two:

10 Micron Carbon Block Filter that is made from 100% Coconut Carbon for the reduction of chlorine and removal of unpleasant taste, odours and potentially toxic chemicals

Filter Three:

A second 10 Micron Carbon Block filter that further refines your drinking water


  • 20" 50-20 Micron Polyspun Filter
  • 20" 10 Micron Carbon Filter x 2
  • 3 x High-quality glycerol pressure
  • gauges to easy identify a blockage
  • Stainless bracket
  • Virgin plastic 20" canisters
  • Canister spanner
  • All necessary plumbing fittings
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