Big Belly Auto Fill POU Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Big Belly Auto Fill POU Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Big Belly Auto Fill POU Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Big Belly Auto Fill POU Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

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The Big Belly AutoFill POU [point of use] Cold and Ambient water dispensers are Australia’s number one selling, mains connected drain free units. Preferred by the filtration industry because of their build quality, reliability, and their huge 12 litre cooling reservoir. They provide a cost-effective means of supplying endless Cold and Ambient water without the hassle of storing and changing spring-water bottles. The perfect water cooler solution from Amazing Water for your office and business, to provide staff and customers with pure healthy drinking water that helps reduce your business plastic waste.


  • Cold & Cool water temperature options
  • Plumbs directly to a water source
  • Complete American designed filter system
  • Large 12 litre reservoir
  • Easily cleaned and sanitised
  • Easy to operate taps
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty


Tap 1 outlet water 9°C approx.


High impact polypropylene lever type. Fast flow and easy to operate.


High gloss cloud white available as standard


Top and front panels are molded of UV treated ABS and side panels are zinc-coated steel sheets covered in electrostatically applied high polymer polyester resin.

Cooling Reservoir

Constructed of polypropylene plastic, approximately 12 litres in capacity. The reservoir features large radius corners to facilitate cleaning. The integrated zoned waterway and baffle system prevents ice rings from restricting chilled water flow. Cold water capacity below the baffle is 4.2 litres. Water above the baffle stays at or about room temperature.

Drip Tray

Concealed lift-out design of a high impact durable plastic. Removable for sanitation, it incorporates an anti-splash grid which diverts drain water into the drip tray.

The ELF filter produced by Omnipure the Global filter company based in the USA sets a new benchmark for long-term quality filtration of water.

These Omnipure filters are available in a range starting with the standard 10 & 1-micron carbon blocks, lead specific carbon blocks & poly-phosphate carbon blocks for equipment protection from contaminants associated with hard water. This is especially important with equipment that has a heating element such as dishwashers, steam ovens & even Ice machines & Coffee machines.

The filter bodies are constructed using virgin, high-impact polypropylene which is especially ideal for use in applications where sanitary conditions are required.

All materials used in the construction of the filters are NSF &/or FDA approved!

They are a very popular filter in all fields of domestic & retail applications due to their ease of being able to be removed & replaced with a minimum of fuss.

 In the Box:

  • Eclipse Series Water Dispenser
  • Complete High-Quality Filtration System
The entire range of Big Belly Series water coolers are covered by our 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty. The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labor coverage, for the period of 3 years from the date of the original sale. An additional 1 year extended warranty can also be purchased at the time of sale.
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