Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime
Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime
Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime
Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime
Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime

Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime

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Ceramic Water Purifier –

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Ceramic Water Purifier – Lime


The water purifier comes with a separate ceramic stand and holds approximately 10 litres. The inverted bell housing, the filter at the top of the purifier, holds about 3 litres, so that any given time about 7 litres can be accessed from the tap of the bottom. The unit approximately measures 200mmx520mm H



Ceramic Water Purifier Large 

This collection of Ceramic Water Purifiers, remove virtually all impurities. They keep the water cool naturally and improve water taste –  without the needs for plumbing or electricity.

Featuring the unique UltraCeram Filter Cartridge. Healthful minerals remain within the water supply whilst removing up to 99.99% of contaminants of concern to the consumer including Fluoride. They too serve as an attractive addition to your home or office and also act as a smart, clean means to water storage.

Multi award winning products, some specializing in the manufacture of all Australian made, stoneware water filters, gravity fed water purifiers, ceramic water purifiers, fluoride water filters and water filter tap.


  1. The system filter out as much as 100% of impurities whether your water is municipally treated, tank water or from other sources.
    2. Filters impurities: pathogenic bacteria,cysts including giardia, sediment, chloramines, chlorine, lead, fluoride, herbicides, and heavy metals just to name a few.
    3. Fitted with a quality stainless steel tap with no plastic liners.
    4. Complete with 12 month warranty.
    5. Attactive addition to your home or office.
    6. Functions as a water storage container.
    7. FLUORIDE REMOVAL: The gravity filter systems feature the latest and greatest in water filtration technology. Our unique, UK made cartridges filter FLUORIDE from your water supply.



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