Free Standing Cold & Ambient Dispenser - Available in Black or White
Free Standing Cold & Ambient Dispenser - Available in Black or White
Free Standing Cold & Ambient Dispenser - Available in Black or White

Free Standing Cold & Ambient Dispenser - Available in Black or White

Awesome Water®

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AMAZING WATER PREMIUM NEW MODEL Freestanding Cold  & room Dispenser in BLACK or white 

"Introducing the AMAZING WATER BRAND NEW range!" 

~3-year Comprehensive Warranty~ 

The Eclipse series is the latest series of water coolers renowned for reliability, longevity and value for money. Our Amazing, great tasting mineralised and alkalised pure water. 

The classy cabinet will complement the most stylish office or enhance any home decor, making it ideal for cool refreshments or hot beverages at any time!

Just add tap water to the Amazing Water Eclipse Freestanding water Cooler with 8 stage KDF Water Filter to restore your tap water to pure, filtered, mineralised and great tasting water for all your hydration needs. Water helps Improve your skin's suppleness!!

Contact us on 1800 505 380 “to make your TAP water AMAZING”


Unit Features include:

·         Choice of White or Black/Silver finish- to suit any personalised decor.

·      Cold water Spouts - choice of hot or cold water for your daily refreshments.

·         Comes with 20 Litre bottle set – large enough to entertain at parties or family functions for cool or hot beverages.

·         2.5 L stainless steel cold tank – Food grade stainless steel tank to improve your water taste.

·         User friendly - Hot water safety tap with sleek easy to push taps.

·         Hot water safety tap - Child Safety lock on the hot water spout for families with young children.

·         3-year comprehensive warranty – We are standing behind our product and offering a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty against any defects as a commitment to your satisfaction!


Tap 1 outlet water 9°C approx.

Tap 2 outlet water 85°C approx.


Available in cloud white or black and silver finish.


High gloss cabinet, front and top ABS plastic, Freestanding model has removable side panels for internal access

Cooling Reservoir

Hygienic stainless steel 2.5L chilling tank with contaminant seal. Adjustable thermostat with easy access from the back of the unit.


Convection cooled condenser. Hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. Refrigerant type R134A


Soft closing and easy to operate.

Drip Tray

Durable ABS plastic, easy clean.


Stage 1. Ceramic dome - 0.3 micron can remove rust, sediment particles of 0.3 microns and larger

Stage 2  KDF remove the extra space next to 2 – assists the activated carbon filter to remove your water of chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide to improve the taste of your water.

Stage 3 Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment and odours form your mains water.

Stage 4: Mineralised Balls – Adds natural trace minerals required by the body including iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iodine.

Stage 5: Mineral Ceramic Balls – Insoluble, gradually releases mineral substance.

Stage 6: Activated Carbon - Removes chlorine, organic sediment and odours form your mains water.

Stage 7: Mineralised Balls – Adds finer grade of minerals as stage 4 to adjust the PH of water to mild alkaline and mineralised for healthy water for your body.

Stage 8: Ceramic Plate – Removes bacteria and parasites e.g. Giardia

Cleaning and Maintenance

  •  Maintenance after use: Crystal poly carbonate containers (water bowls) to ensure healthy water clean both water bowls once a week by simply rinsing it with water. Once a week clean both Crystal poly carbonate containers (water bowls) by simply rinsing it with water, to ensure healthy clean water.
  • Replace the filter every SIX months or 2000 L water usage. 
  • Take care to keep the unit away from direct sunlight. (If you do have any issues regarding your cooler being hit by sunlight we have another product available to prevent this for happening. Our 8 Stage Premium Filter + Algae Shield is a Genuine Amazing Water product and only available from us here. 


 Note: Please do not clean any part of the cooler, water dispenser, water filter and tap with detergent, vinegar, soap, dishwasher or any kind of chemical. We offer a Cooler Lover's Cleaning pack for ALL WATER COOLERS!

 If you need assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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